These Top 5 SEO Tricks and Tips will Boost Your Ranking

Everyone has a dream to get high rankings in the Search Engine Result Pages. Because it will generate more traffic and leads to a website. But people don’t know how to do it or they are doing it wrongly. In this article, I will guide Five important tips which will help you to increase your website

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Optimize your Website Speed

Best SEO tips and tricks to boost your rankings

Website speed is very important for both in raking and user experience. If your website takes too much time to load a page the user gets annoyed and it increases the chances that he/she will leave it right away this will directly affect your rankings. The Search engine can also penalize you for low page speed. So you will be very careful with website speed optimization. You can check your website speed with free tools like Google Page speed insight and GTmartix.

Crawl your Website to Google Bot Regularly

Crawling is a very important factor when it comes to ranking. If Search engine bots find difficulties in crawling your website then you should forget about getting higher in the search engine result page. Because the more frequent your website is crawled the more it has chances to get on the top.

Make at least one PBN Link once a Week

PBN or Private Blog Networking is a very Cheap way to get quality backlinks in bulk quantity. There are many gigs of different sellers on different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork. etc who are providing PBNs backlinks services. As per our estimate, you can get a single PBN link for just 5$. Many SEO experts believe you can rank your normal difficulty keyword in just 10 PBNs links.

Make Quality Backlinks

Best SEO tips and tricks to boost your rankings

As per most experts, the backlinks are not powerful as it was before but its still the top-ranking factor in google ranking factors. There are many different types of backlinks like Web Directories, Web 2.0, Article listing, Blog Comments, Guest posts, PBNs, Forums, etc. But as per experts, the quality backlinks are only those which you can not create manually means only the owner of the website can create the backlink from within the content of the article. So that means if you want to create quality backlinks contact the owner of the website via email etc to get the link from his website content.

Write Quality Content

Content Will always remain the King. If your website doesn’t have quality content or duplicate content then you should have forgotten about getting first rankings in search engine results. Because search is now more stick about duplicate content than ever before. Search engines now encourage those websites which have original and quality content. So if you want to get high ranking in the search engine result page then you should write quality and original content for your website or you can hire a good content which will write quality content for your website.

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