What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the main part of Digital Marketing which helps you to drive or Boost organic traffic to your website or a Blog.

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Shifting to E-Commerce Industry

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The world is now rapidly shifting to online shopping. Now the trend of shopping from online stores now has increased a thousand times more than it was back 20 years back.

Even the world richest man is also an owner of the World Biggest E-commerce website Amazon.

So what do you think? Can any e-commerce website run without SEO today?

Well, the answer is absolutely Not. Because these days the competition to rank on number one is way more competitive then it was before and it is increasing day by day. and What do you think these websites can run without an SEO guy? Well, not today you must have an SEO guy in your marketing team to run your e-commerce website/ store.

Coronavirus and Shopping online / Social Distancing

COVID-19 Or Novel Coronavirus has also increased and somehow boosted the trend of shopping online which helps people buy daily stuff without going physically to store. 

Also, many people who didn’t believe in shopping through online stores or look them as scam or store with faulty or low-quality products (mostly in developing countries) when experiencing them due to coronavirus they will start building trust with them.

Television is now becoming obsolete and advertising is shifting to online.

seo future

According to a survey, more than 60 percent of big advertisers are shifting their advertisement to online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. and these numbers are increasing daily The reason is because it is easy to target the right audience to customer on the internet for your product or services is far more easy and profitable as compared to Old televisions advertisements.

SEO is just not a Job 

Most people who learned Search Engine Optimizations or Digital Marketing don’t do jobs or relay just to it instead they start their own online website or business and invest their time on it.

SEO has a great opportunity to start your online business rather than just stick on 9 to 5 slavery type job That’s what’s the main thing people loved about it.

Future is all about Digital Marketing

The upcoming future is all Digital Marketing and SEO is the mother of Digital Marketing without Search Engine Optimization SEO Digital Marketing is like Earth without oxygen. 

Now Digital Marketing has taken over traditional marketing because of the ongoing trend of shopping online. There are more jobs in Digital Marketing in the market than traditional marketing.