Do I need Digital marketing/ SEO services to rank my website/ Blog? Does this matter nowadays?.or having just quality content is enough for me to rank on the first spot in the search engine rankings.

If you are confused and have all these questions related to SEO services in your mind then we will help you to solve all your queries related to Digital Marketing Services.

Nowadays many businesses are running online. Everyone wants their website presence on the first spot in the search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimizations helps you to gain this spot. Now not only having quality content is enough for you to gain this first spot. But now it also matters how you market your content.

Importance of Digitalization

The world has now become a global village because everyone is connected through the internet. In this modern era of Digitalization, every business needs its online presence to generate more revenue and to build its brand value. The Digital medium is now becoming compulsory for sale funnel for all the businesses.

How Can SEO Help You?

By doing Search Engine Optimization for your website or a Blog you can optimize your website according to the latest trends and guidelines of the search engines like Google, Bing, Microsoft Edge, and other search engines. Which will surely gain you the top spots in Search Engines results.

Digital Marketing Services Agencies

There are many Digital Marketing Agencies like ITech Solutions which are providing Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Content Writing, and other website services.

You can hire any Digital Marketing agencies to manage your Search Engine Optimization strategy or you can also hire SEO experts on salary according to your budget.

Increase in Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization helps to boost your organic traffic by ranking your keywords against your targeted webpage. More Organic traffic means more business which will surely generate your revenue.

SEO gives your user a better User Experience

SEO not only just only about getting high rankings in search engine result pages but by doing good Search Engine Optimization you are also providing a good experience of your website by making a good structure for your website.

A nice and clean structure of a website plays a very important role in the google search engine to gain high rankings.

 SEO plays a vital role in the Buying Process

The People on the internet now research online about a product or Services before buying.

By doing good SEO you can market your product and services in the right way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time

SEO takes time before you start seeing promising results so you should have patience when you are doing SEO for your website or blog.

What are Search algorithms? 

Search algorithms are the brain of the search engines. They are the main reasons why some websites are ranking high and others are not. Google changes and makes updates several times in a single year in their search engine algorithms.

Building value for your Brand

The more your Brand name is famous among the people the more business you can generate which will automatically increase your revenue. It will also build trust for your brand among your customers. A good SEO strategy helps you to promote your brand among the large community.

More Traffic More Leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to generate more traffic and increase your Click-through rate (CTR), which will automatically lead to more organic traffic and more leads. 

A good SEO strategy will give you targeted traffic and decrease your bounce rate.

You can also analyze what your customers demand means what they like and what they don’t like.

Business growth beyond Boundaries

With traditional markets, you can only promote your business in limited geographic areas.

It is very hard and costly to promote your business outside with traditional marketing strategies.

While in SEO you can easily promote your brand and Business outside your local areas whatever your product or services you provide.  

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Do you want to learn SEO Basics fast and in an easy way then read this article it will help you to understand SEO the basics concepts of Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Basics

Over the Internet you find many people and learning sites are providing free and paid SEO courses.

What is SEO?

Well SEO is an abbreviation of  Search Engine Optimization.

Seo is the process which helps you to gain organic traffic for your website or blog through a search engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.

Most people and companies do SEO to gain traffic from google because google is the most popular and widely used worldwide most internet organic traffic comes from google according to research and Stats almost 80 percent of internet users use google.

That’s why SEO experts follow google updates and optimize their content according to its guidelines.

While Bing comes in second place but it has only 3 percent of global users from which 80 percent are from the United States.

Major SEO categories 

There are three main SEO categories which are 

  • Technical SEO 
  • OnPage SEO
  • OffPage SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO (In this process in which you optimize your website content according to search engine guidelines so the search engine crawler index your Website successfully and easily without any problem)

In Technical SEO the main thing is how effectively you manage the Website and content structure for your website.

OnPage SEO

OnPage SEO mainly deals with the events that are on your site. This means that these things can only change who has access to the website like website Admins, Moderators, Editors, etc.

The Main OnPage SEO factors are

Meta Tags 

Meta tags are basic site Title and Description. These are the first thing the user sees when they search for a particular query in a search engine.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking means linking to your own website pages. Let’s take a simple example when you write a post you give a link to your other post or page from that post is a simple and clear example of Internal link building.

Website Speed

Website Speed is very crucial and one of the main important factors of on-page SEO deals with the site speed like how much time your website takes to load. If your website speed is bad you will lose your traffic in no there are many tools from which you can see your website speed.

Image ALT Tags

Image ALT tags tell the search engine crawler what this image is about and you can use your keywords in ALT tags. This factor of on-page SEO helps search engine crawlers to fast index your images which will help you get traffic from images searches.

OffPage SEO

OffPage SEO deals with the process of link building means creating backlinks for your website. Basically google didn’t like it if you create backlinks intentionally for your website but many organizations hire SEO interns mainly to build backlinks for their website because backlinks pass authority to their website.

How does it Work?

SEO is the process of making your website look attractive for search engines and it is done when you follow the guidelines and rules of Search Engines and optimize your website according to them.

Every Serch engine has its algorithm to rank a particular website in its search results.

What is its Scope?

Digital Marketing has a great Scope in making your career.

Because every business is now shifting nowadays to online and to run an online business every business owner need a Digital Marketing/ SEO expert who can promote or market their business in Search Engine results.

What are the best courses to do for SEO in 2020?

There are Many Free and Paid Online SEO courses available online on the internet.

If you want to learn SEO from Basics to Advanced Level we will recommend you some most popular Elearnig websites which are providing Free to Paid and Basic to Advance level SEO training.

Here is the list of some of the most popular SEO learning Platforms.


When it comes to self-learning YouTube is best there you find many SEO gurus like Neil Patel. He is one of the famous SEO gurus on the Internet right now.


Udemy is the most popular e-learning website. where you can find many guys who are providing SEO courses (Paid).

3.ITech Solutions

Yes you read it write we are not just providing SEO services but also Search Engine Optimizations Training for who can learn From Begineer to advance level. For More Info, you can contact us at [email protected]