What is SEO ?


Basically SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of the website traffic.It also works to improve the visibility of the website.SEO also used for different kind research like image research,video research etc.It history starts when webmasters ( a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites)providers started optimizing web sites for search engines within the mid-1990s.

SEO Techniques:

Work For improvement  in User experience:

When you provide good user experience to the visitors of your site they will spend more time on your site.Which will improve your search engine rankings google calculate the time a user spend on a website.

Promote on Social Media:

This is a SEO technique which will help you to boost your web page ranking.If you look closely you’ll see no of social media users are increasing rapidly.It will not only helps you increasing your brand awareness but also helps you to interact with your customers directly.

Improve your organic Click Through Rate (CTR):

Google RankBrain wants lot of people to click on your page is his search engine.Sure, backlinks, keywords and other traditional signals are still important. But RankBrain is quickly taking over.E

SEO is classified into two main categories;

White Hat SEO:

  •  It does not involve in any deception.
  • This technique also ensures the good quality of the web pages .
  • It assures the availability of the useful content available on the web pages.

Black Hat SEO or Spamdexing 

  • Diverting clients from a page that is worked for web search tools to one that is more human friendly.
  • Making low-quality pages that contain almost no substance however are rather loaded down with very similar keywords and phrases.  These pages are called Doorway or Gateway Pages.
  • Mirror websites by hosting multiple websites – all with conceptually similar content but using different URLs.

Gray Hat SEO:

Aside from a Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO, there exists Gray Hat SEO too that incorporates bits from both white and black Hat SEO. The Gray Hat SEO for the most part came into training on account of the weight from the customers to get results they have been paying for.


 Getting indexed:

    The leading search engines, such as Google,Bing and Yahoo, use crawlers  to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Pages that are linked from other search engine indexed pages do not need to be submitted because they are found automatically

Increasing prominence:

A variety of strategies can expand the prominence of a site page inside the list items. Cross connecting between pages of a similar site to give more connects to significant pages may improve its visibility. Writing content that incorporates much of the time looked catchphrase state, in order to be pertinent to a wide assortment of pursuit questions will in general increment traffic.

Various Types of SEO are in the market today:

There are different sorts of SEO techniques adopted by advertisers everywhere throughout the world as an attempt to mark their online presence.  Notwithstanding, the significant kinds of SEO that can be utilized to group the SEO rehearses embraced by the advertisers incorporate On-page and Off-page SEO.

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