What is Ethical Hacking?

What is hacking

Ethical hacking and ethical hacker are terms used to refer hacking done by a company or specific Person to help detect potential threats on a computer or network. An ethical hacker tries to dodge system security and search for any weak points that could be exploited by malicious hackers. This data is then used by the organization to improve the system security, to lessen or remove any possible attacks.

An ethical hacker’s part is comparable to that of a penetration tester, but it includes bigger duties. They breakdown into systems legally and ethically. This is the main difference between ethical hackers and real hackers, the legality.

Types of Hacking:

You can describe hackers according to their intention.

White hat Hacker: A hacker who gains entrance to systems with a view to fix the identified weaknesses. They may also perform penetration Testing and vulnerability assessments.

Black hat: Also called a cracker a hacker who gains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gain and benefits. The intent is usually to steal others People, Organization data, violate their privacy rights, transfer funds from bank accounts and much more,

Grey hat: A hacker who is in between ethical and black hat hackers. He or she breaks into computer systems without right with a view to identify flaws/faults and disclose them to the organization owner or Single person.

Hacktivist: A hacker who use hacking to send social, religious, and political, etc. messages. This is usually done by hijacking websites and leaving the message on the hijacked website.

Script kiddies: A non-skilled guy who gains unauthorized access to computer systems using already made tools. They download them from different websites.

Hacking Courses

There are numerous hacking courses available on the internet some of them are free but most of them are paid. The free courses has many disadvantages like you can’t have live connection with instructor which are teaching you, these type of courses are only tech you at beginner level. ITech Solution will soon launch its own Ethical Hacking course which will teach you from beginner to advance level and you have live connection with the instructor.

Hacking Tools

There are numerus hacking tools available on the internet. There are special operating system which mainly design for hacking purpose. The most famous and widely used hacking operating system is Kali Linux is from UNIX-LIKE Operating system family. It is funded by offensive security. Has more than pre-Installed penetration testing programs.

Another famous and widely used hacking tool is Wireshark it is used to monitor traffic it basically captures data packets in real time.

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